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Palmetto Cataract & Eye Specialists offers uncompromised technology which assists in medical diagnosis and treatment. Learn more about,

Our Office

Our office is conveniently located on the ground floor with plenty of free parking surrounding the building. There is a handicap accessible ramp at the rear of the building. The entire space was designed especially for medical use, to ensure your comfort and privacy. It is an enviromentally conscious office with limited paper consumption due to our use of electronic medical records.

Heidelberg Spectralis Imaging

We own one of the few Heidelberg Spectralis multi-modality imaging technology in Charleston. The Heidelberg Spectralis is a type of optical coherence tomography or OCT. OCT testing is often used to assist in the diagnosis of diseases which affect the optic nerve and retina (such as glaucoma, diabetic eye damage, and macular degeneration). The Spectralis provides superb image detail and clarity to help diagnose and follow these conditions. It offers eye tracking and non-flash photography, providing for a faster and more comfortable experience for you. In fact, Duke University glaucoma service utilizes the same instrument to diagnose and treat glaucoma. The blue peak autofluorescence modality provides novel information (not available or seen with prior imaging machines) about the health of the retina.

Iridex Micropulse Laser

If you need treatment for diabetes or glaucoma, you will receive the most modern laser treatment available. Older laser treatments generate immense heat that damages body tissues. Iridex’s micropulse laser offers a tissue-sparing technology, which creates less heat damage. This newer laser provides the same effective treatment while preserving your natural tissues. Tissue-sparing technology also allows for the re-application of treatment because of minimal laser tissue damage. We also offer in the office laser treatment for posterior capsular opacities, or scar tissue that occurs after cataract surgery.

Cataract Evaluation and Treatment

Should you require cataract surgery, you will undergo testing to determine the best fitting lens implant for your eye. We utilize Haag-Streit Lenstar technology, which has been shown to be more accurate than prior technologies - especially for Toric (astigmatism) lens implants.

Dr. Itharat performs no-needle, no-stitch, modern cataract surgery. This ensures faster recovery times and better outcomes with minimal activity restrictions in the after surgery period. We also offer newer multifocal (corrects for distance and near vision) and Toric (corrects for astigmatism) lens implants, so that you can become more glasses independent after cataract surgery. Cataract surgery nowadays is an outpatient surgery, and you are usual at the surgery center for only a few hours. While recovery time is highly patient dependent, some patients can return to work the day after cataract surgery. Vision is often better the day after surgery!

Electronic Medical Records

Too often, an office manager or administrator selects the medical records program for the clinic. Because this decision maker is not a clinician, he/she is unable to evaluate the clinical usage, efficacy, nuances, and performance of the program. This results in increased frustration for the physician and the patient. In contrast, Dr. Itharat hand picked our medical records software to ensure an efficient and pleasant experience for both the practice and for you. The benefits of electronic medical records include,
  • Improved care coordination. Faster, legible, communication with other physicians.
  • Consistency. Prior medical records, including drug allergies, are recorded for each visit.
  • Safety. Your electronic records are securely stored at a backup site. In a catastrophic event, your records will not be lost.
  • Convenience. Not only will you have more timely access to your medical records, but there will be no misplaced files.
  • Efficacy. With electronic insurance submission, your claims will be paid faster.
  • Empowerment. Our web portal provides an additional communication line with your physician.
  • Electronic prescriptions - your drug prescription can be sent directly to your participating pharmacy.

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