Palmetto Cataract and Eye Specialists

Palmetto Cataract and Eye Specialists is a full service, comprehensive ophthalmology practice. We provide both non-surgical and surgical eye care, in a patient-centric environment.

Our non-surgical care includes:

-Comprehensive/routine eye exams
-Examinations for glasses and contact lens
-Cataract evaluation/treatment
-Diabetes eye screening/treatment
-Glaucoma screening/treatment
-Dry eye screening/treatment
-Macular degeneration screening/treatment
-Emergency/trauma related eye exams
-Triage (emergency) exams for red eye, painful eye, etc.
-Ocular allergy exams/treatment

Our surgical care includes:

-Cataract surgery with lens implant
-Cataract surgery with premium lens implant
(to become glasses independent)
-Cataract surgery with Toric lens implant
(to reduce your need for glasses)
-Diabetic laser treatment
-Glaucoma laser treatment
-Macular degeneration treatment
-Removal of foreign bodies
-Placement of punctal plugs
-Pterygium removal
-Eyelid lesion biopsy/removal
-Stye drainage

The lists above represent our most commonly performed services and is not a complete list. If you any questions about our services, please call our office at 843-259-2002.

You may verify if we accept your insurance online.

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